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"Dean is a fantastic coach, he is funny but serious when he needs to be. I started playing basketball two years ago and I wasn't that great. With the help of Dean, I've gotten much much better. He's the best!"

Parsa Shekarriz Age 13, Kuper Academy & YMHA Wolves


"Training with MVP Basketball Workouts really helped me with my game, not only physically but also with my mental game. Training boosted up my confidence and helped me shoot better. Training with Dean was and still is helping me drastically."

Adel Abdalla Age 13, Lower Canada College High School


"I owe all my success in basketball to Dean Smith. He cares for his players both on and off the court (which is commendable). Dean helped me developed  my basketball skills and IQ to a level that three years ago, I couldn't imagine myself being at. I've been training with Dean for five years and I'm constanty getting better. He will help anybody get a higher basketball IQ, a higher vertical leap, stronger, faster, and especially more skilled. He really emphasizes the basics, such as: ball handling, shooting and passing, which every great basketball player needs. Dean will build you to the absolute best basketball player that you can possibly be. With him , anything is possible! I couldn't asked for a better coach than Dean Smith; he's amazing!"


William Lande, Age 15, Lower Canada College High School


"Dean's ability to teach the fundamentals and the mental aspects of the game gave me the foundation to grow and improve as a basketball player."

Alexa Neal Age 14, Howards S. Bllings & Dawson Community Midget AAA


"Dean has taught me how to shoot and be mentally tough. My defense has also improved, thanks to his footwork drills and workouts."

Leela Merritte Age 15, Miss Edgar and Miss Cramps (ECS)


"Dean is amazing at training me to become a better player. He really helped me improve my skills, for example shooting. He  also taught me the fundamentals of the game and how to position myself both offensively and defensively. He helped me build my confidence. He sees potential in everyone and is great at letting his students grow and shine."


Amanda Berger Age 14, Rosemount High School & Dawson Community Midget AAA



"Dean's coaching ability gave me confidence and  also made me a stronger player both physically and mentally. He made me strive to always play my best and never settle for less."

Jenna Alleyne Age 14, Villa Maria High School & Dawson Community Midget AAA


"Dean's coaching ability helped me gain confidence in any situation such as on the court or in school. He taught me how to survey the court and he also helped me understand the importance of being a point guard."

Nikki Deleon Age 14, Dalbe-Viau High School & Dawson Community Midget AAA


"Dean is patient and the things he teaches me have been very useful in my game situations." 


Lucas Molina Age 12


"I've known Dean for a couple of years now, and I can truly say that he truly cares for kids, he is invested in their development as basketball players as well as human beings! Dean has a great understanding of kids personalities and individualizes training  catering their needs." 


Veronique Despres, 2014-11-28


"Dean has always helped me improve as a player on and off the court. Dean teaches players right from wrong whether it's from shooting the ball on the court or from being a great person off the court."


Matt Waxlax Age 14, St-Georges High School

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